Dr. Keener in the corner of Wall St and Main St. -9/02/15 segment titled "Revolutionizing Healthcare". - Jim Cramer interview with Adam Jackson, CEO of DoctorOnDemand--


Dr. Keener is a board-certified psychiatrist passionate about applying neuroscience in non-traditional settings helping families and adolescents. He set out to work with "kids and brains" 20 years ago and never looked back. 

Matt completed his medical training and residency in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, where he served as Chief Resident of Research. His chair at the time was David Kupfer, MD., the lead author on the newly released DSM-V, the manual used for all psychiatric and behavioral medicine. He subsequently undertook the next step in the traditional route toward being a full-time dedicated researcher. This was a post-doctoral research fellowship in Pediatric Neuroimaging Research under an NIH grant fellowship, studying brain systems/circuits that form our sense of self in bipolar disorder, depression. 

Keener then began to focus on applied neuroscience, consulting with companies like Geneweave (acq. Roche) and Neostim. Paddling full-on into the wave of health innovation, in 2012 he left research work to co-found Emodt, an emotional analytics firm. Emodt helped AstraZeneca + Digitas LBI develop one of the first digital apps launched by a major pharmaceutical company. 

In 2013 Keener began working on the team at Doctor On Demand as their first psychiatrist and Director of Emotional Health, There he was able to architect the initial protocols for high-quality, evidence-based mental health care for what is now the #1 rated app in the iTunes Health section. He has worked with the Kauffman Foundation and HealthData Consortium as a Site Architect for their 2014 Energizing Health series.

In 2015 Dr. Keener founded Blackbird Health as a way of delivering care to those in greatest need.

Scientific Writing

Cick here for a link to google scholar, highlighting Dr. Keener's scientific writing. 

2013 TEDx Talk  

TEDx Performance Art

A basic overview of how design can be used in applied neuroscience. That and some bad impersonations.


DoctorOnDemand - in VentureBeat

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In 2013-2014 Dr. Keener worked with the founding team at DoctorOnDemand helping to launch their telemedicine platform as their first Psychiatrist and Director of Emotional Health. 

The company was founded by Jay McGraw, the producer of the television show "The Doctors", CEO Adam Jackson, and Dr. Pat Basu. It also had a "dream team" of advisors, investors, etc including Google Ventures, Andressen Horowitz, Dr. Phil Mc Graw, Tom Daschle, Johnathan Bush and more. 


Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation - Energizing Health

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In 2014 Matt had the great opportunity to help with a large health innovation symposium hosted by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and HealthData Consortium.

Dr. Keener and Dr. Shiv Rao of UPMC Enterprises put together a stellar lineup including Stacey Chang from IDEO, Amy Cueva from Mad*Pow, and Drew Schiller from Validic. Additionally we had a terrific stable of startups both from Pittsburgh as well as nationally that we were able to feature including Jawbone, Validic, GingerIO, Qualaris and others. Most importantly the event brought together the key stakeholders from all the major regional health systems including UPMC and Highmark/AHN leadership to the same table, fostering new solutions.