Life is a journey, but a risky one. Emotional distress is crashing young minds nationwide. 

Mechanics are miles away, or non-existent.  

BBH is your crew. We get you where you're going.



The human brain is the most complex thing known to man. Like a performance vehicle, it has multiple moving parts that interact to take you where you want to go. 

Unlike that performance vehicle, the brain doesn't come with an owners manual.  Until now. 

Why wait until your vehicle has crashed? We're assembling strategies and tactics used by professionals. 



Teams + Training

Too many young minds are disconnected, stuck between ignorant well-meaning friends and an overly medicalized sick-care system.

The Blackbird29 is a 4-week mentored training providing you with information, tools, and support within a supportive, private community. 

Virtual-first, the Blackbird29 is anchored IRL, with regional as well as national meet-ups. Not everyone will pass, serious applicants only. 




Mental illness hits like a car accident that impacts everyone in the vicinity.  Episodes derail us from our goals, and change how we go about our day.

Whatever the need, we'll pull in the needed professionals who are ready to help you and your family assess the damage, suggest modifications, and begin to repair the damage to get you back on track.


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