Our crews engage with people in real-time, using a combination of technology and training to alight a clear next step on your path. Meeting people where they are, and making it smoother to connect with medical or social supports.



DLTΔ Process

Our Programs connect people (as participants, Blackbird agents, and partners) to intentionally designed activities with fun, positive communities. This is a high level view of our process from start to finish.


A Network Orchestrator Model:

Intentionally designed networks = better flow for healthier outcomes

Blackbird Health is a Network Orchestrator business model. This enables all participants in the network to create shared value. However, the FLOW of the actions and feedback between Agents, Participants, and Partners (Allies+Angels) provide unique value (and data) to sustainably impact health outcomes. 

From left to right above, our existing network of programs, providers, and partners is a dynamic network capable multiple shared value relationships, configurations, and exchanges, leading to ongoing loops of continual feedback and data between traditionally separate entities, like programs and clinical. Result: care that scales to fit your unique combination of resources.