New Clients  -  Bridge to Care

Please click HERE to learn more about immediately connecting with a dedicated care team providing a 90 day bridge to care. This short-term program provides you with a dedicated team, evaluation, tailored medication + wellness support, & secure handoff to local medical/psychiatric care.  

*Please note this service is presently NOT covered by insurance. 

Existing Patients @ Satellite Locations

For any clinical questions related to ongoing care provided by one of our medical team please contact the clinical satellite where you see a team member. Office staff are standing by. 

CBI - Western PA - (724) 609-5002

CICS - Eastern PA (610) 770-1800



3712 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
United States


Other inquiries + business development

All clinical questions or inquiries should be made through clinical satellites above.

Any business-related inquiries please contact us via email, please expect reply time of approx. 1 week as this takes a backseat to our clinical work. 


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