Q3-Q4 2015

 Individual therapy

Launched Telemedicine therapy sessions, with quick access to trained therapists from anywhere with an internet signal.

 Medication management
BBH Clinic- Our small but growing dynamic practice is now providing medication management, with patients ranging from a high-school drama student to 2 broadway performers. 

Serving Partner Clinics - Our telepsychiatry services will soon be offered at three partner satellite locations in the state of PA. These are primary health and behavioral health clinics seeking additional help from our health ninjas. 

Group Therapy
Teed up and shooting for launch in December.

 Health navigation sessions
Check-ins helping families navigating the healthcare system. Clients have included a family whose parent is a senior executive at a top-3 world software firm who was seeking help with his college student child. 

Group 29-day team training
We ran our first 29-day training. A dynamic team training + community for a group of Pittsburgh based 20-30yo entrepreneurs

Group meditation
Daily meditation + brain training sessions are now being run online daily.