Bridge to Care


Bridge to Care

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A 30-90 day engagement for people 14-26 years of age. 

You'll be connected to a dedicated health navigator +  health crew. Your crew will work for you and with you, quickly and safely connecting you to care.


  • Find and understand the underlying problems (not just symptoms) using the latest in medical brain health + wellbeing science
  • Fix what we can in the interim by addressing underlying barriers to health, and rapid medical assistance.
  • Forward you safely to a positive next step with a secure handoff to resources in your area. Connecting you to local medical & social communities
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How it works 

  • Click on the link to purchase
  • Download the lInk to TWISTLE, our secure messaging platform using HIPAA-Compliant secured communications with a care team.
  • You'll be connected to a clinical team member who will obtain an assessment and connect you to your dedicated agent. 
  • You'll begin your Medical evaluation within 72 hours via secure website including medications for your brain/emotional health*
  • Leisure screening + wellness assessments to find and suggest adventure-based programs in your area endorsed by our team
  • Safe handoff with local medical supports that we help you find
  • Medication handoff with your doctor.

What you get

  • Dedicated health agent
  • Access to medical team + interim medication management. 
  • Interim 30-90 day supply of medication following Medical evaluation**
  • Access to HIPAA-Compliant secure messaging application to connect with team
  • Invitation to private wellbeing community for current and prior Blackbird clients in your area
  •  **Limited formulary, we do NOT utilize DEA Controlled medications like benzodiazepines or stimulants.