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You guys have been amazing! The doctor you connected me to was able to get off the medications I didn’t need and find the one I did. Also, the ability to check in from anywhere with internet has been key.
— Professional Broadway Actor - BBH Clinic Patient
I was nervous about the telemedicine approach, but it’s just like using an app. I easily saved an hour, and didn’t have to leave my house!
— E.R. Student, BBH Clinic Patient


The instructor was really helpful. The techniques he taught were great. I authentically enjoyed the things he had to say and our discussions.
— M.R. Software Developer, Blackbird 29 Trainee
The B29 ABC framework helped me a lot. I found myself molding it to my way of thinking.

It was great to have a group to regularly check into, and I now know some simple strategies to take anytime/anywhere to improve my wellbeing.
— K. R. Entrepreneur, Blackbird 29 Trainee
I think it helped me reframe some of the issues I have had and approach them differently.

It was great to have accountability to a group, a community to support me, and try something new. It was fun, and exactly what I needed.
— N.P. Digitial storyteller, Blackbird 29 Trainee